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With the Crisis over, it’s back to business as usual with Batwoman S1E10 “How Queer Everything is Today!” Prepare yourself for a super on the nose title, some meh plot, but top tier character beats. Jeff Hunt directed the episode written by Caroline Dries.

This is a full recap of Batwoman S1E10: AKA beware of spoilers.

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“A bombshell caped crusader and a cop with Chris Evans vibes.”

We open up in the tunnels of Gotham for a classic supervillain move. A train’s brakes have been sabotaged and its heading for certain doom. Thankfully, Batwoman (Ruby Rose) has a new bike and Luke (Camrus Johnson) is in the chair, just like the pre-Crisis days. They share some familiar banter, Kate mentions her birthday is coming up, and she launches a grappling hook, stopping the train in its tracks. As the plot demands, though, it doesn’t hold. The hook goes flying straight for Batwoman’s head. A lame cop tackles Batwoman, right in the nick of time and the paparazzi speculates some hetero romance.

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After the title card, Vesper Fairchild (Rachel Maddow) is all over that scoop and Kate is not psyched about it. Vesper also compares said cop to Chris Evans’ Captain America, which is extremely gracious. Anyway, in Wayne Tower, Luke and Kate chat about the gossip, Kate obviously pointing out how uncomfortable it makes her, given that she’s exclusively into ladies. Luke argues that it might be good; if Kate’s gay and Batwoman is straight, then Kate can’t be Batwoman – but, Kate being the woman she is doesn’t sit right with the deception.

batwoman s1e10

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