Cartoon: The True Virus

Unfortunately nearly 60 Republican Senators decided they loved their Russian campaign contributions so much that even when presented with overwhelming evidence of his guilt they voted to keep him. They need to be held accountable for all the dead Americans that caused. Nearly 60,000 as of this week.

Douglas Adams got there long before your friend.

"By-products," hissed Zaphod again, --- he had to hiss in order that his voice shouldn't be heard to tremble --- "of what."

"Er, Designer People."


"The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation were awarded a huge research grant to design and produce synthetic personalities to order. The results were uniformly disastrous. All the "people" and "personalities" turned out to be amalgams of characteristics which simply could not co-exist in naturally occurring life forms. Most of them were just poor pathetic misfits, but some were deeply, deeply dangerous.

Dangerous because they didn't ring alarm bells in other people. They could walk through situations the way that ghosts walk through walls, because no one spotted the danger.

"The most dangerous of all were three identical ones --- they were put in this hold, to be blasted, with this ship, right out of this universe. They are not evil, in fact they are rather simple and charming. But they are the most dangerous creatures that ever lived because there is nothing they will not do if allowed, and nothing they will not be allowed to do..."

Blood simple, with the charm of a con man who has chosen his mark.

Adams thought he was writing about Ronald Reagan. Little did he know that the same process of political selection could go so much further...

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