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Komilfo publishing house has released the comic book "League of Legends" in Russian. League Of Legends: Lux".

In the age of magic, numerous Runterra civilizations strive for prosperity. Among them, Demasia stands out-a proud Kingdom with a glorious military history. It seems that demusica law-abiding, but the spark of rebellion is smoldering among them...

Luxana this Crownhart --- girl of a noble family of Demacia. Her brother Garen commands an elite military unit, the Fearless vanguard. He stands guard over the laws of Demasia, which strictly forbid the use of magic, condemning violators to exile. But Lux has a terrible secret: She was born with a magical gift.

A girl sneaks into a prison for magicians, hoping to find forbidden knowledge there that will help her learn how to control her power and keep it a secret. In the depths of the prison she finds herself face to face with the most famous criminal of his time, Silas from Gregory... and he knows her secret!

The book includes issues of "League of Legends. League of Legends: Lux", as well as Anthony Reynolds 'story" Consequences " about the champion Xin Zhao-exclusive Russian-language edition.

The 144-page comic was released in paperback.

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